1. Galaxy Gallery
Galaxy Gallery is a circular hall surrounded by huge curved glass walls. The translucent ceiling and walls let the light in and make the gallery an ideal place for embellishing displayed artworks. Visitors move around to different points of view to appreciate Moon Shin's plaster arts in various sizes, seeing how they present different colors according to the refraction of light.

2. Rainbow Gallery
Rainbow Gallery holds a variety of exhibitions such as ‘Exhibition of Engravings’, ‘Exhibition of Art Products, and ‘Exhibition of news publications.

3. Moon Gallery
This gallery occupies the largest space in Moon Shin museum. Also, temporary exhibitions are held every three months. Various artworks like drawings, paintings, 2D works or bronze sculptures are on display.

4. Bit Gallery
Bit means light in Korean. The artworks of collection on permanent display are presented in the Bit Gallery in the lobby of Moon Shin Museum. It is also used as halls for various events including openings.

5. Image Gallery
The Image Gallery is used for exhibitions of the works of young artists selected by the Network contest once a year. It allows many different types of exhibitions including media arts through the imagery facilities.























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